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Erodiums the Enigma

One thing I do not understand is why so few people grow Erodiums. Why is it that a genus that has flowers that bloom almost continuously for nine to ten months of the year, has interesting silver, grey or green foliage and can be used as rockery or herbaceous plants hardly ever gets mentioned in gardening magazines. Recently I scanned the pages of a well known magazine, of which I had every edition, and found that erodiums had been mentioned four maybe five times in the complete life of the magazine. What have erodiums done to deserve such a bad press.

I now have an NCCPG national plant collection (provisional) of the genus containing about one hundred different species and cultivars. One real problem, as with all collections, is being able to name all your plants correctly. I thought that if I put photographs of all my plants on the internet, naming them as I believe correctly, people visiting the site would soon tell me which were incorrectly named. At the present time not all the photographs are included on the web-site but I shall continue to up-date it.

Another reason for the web-site is to try and raise the profile of the genus so that more people become aware of its beauty and usefulness in the garden. I also hope to hear from anyone who would like more information or who would just like to exchange ideas.

I look forward to your views

David Green